Drones seem ideal for logistics and inspection of offshore assets like wind turbines and drilling platforms. But electric drones don’t have enough range to get 100’s of km offshore, so need a support vessel and frequent turnarounds at sea. Delicate electric motors can’t tolerate the tough environment.

Flowcopter can fly for more than 6 hours, up to 900km. After a few minutes refuelling, it’s ready to go again. Hydraulic motors are totally sealed, and are proven workhorses in offshore environments.

Search and Rescue

Every day, brave men and women risk their lives to save others. But when night falls and the weather closes in, the risks multiply – so how can the search continue?

Flowcopter was inspired by the RNLI’s challenge to innovators: build a companion drone for offshore lifeboats. Flowcopter is the only UAV capable of meeting the extreme range and payload requirements in the offshore environment. We aim to extend the search window, and not only to spot people in the water, but also deploy a life raft to help.


Scheduled postal services support the economies and wellbeing of remote communities, and medical emergencies sometimes mean an urgent delivery. Meeting these needs economically is a challenge for governments around the world.  Battery-powered drones are easy to automate, but just don’t have the range and payload required.

Flowcopter changes the game with up to 150kg of payload for shorter hops, or up to 900km range with lighter payloads like blood transfusion packs. Flowcopter’s technology is compatible with standard interfaces, so integrates easily into emerging automated planning systems. All without putting human lives at risk, at one tenth the cost of a helicopter, and with a pathway to CO2 neutrality.

Law Enforcement

Spiraling costs and shrinking budgets mean that police helicopter tasking decisions are now highly prioritised – and many operations just don’t get the support they need.  Battery-powered drones don’t provide enough range or endurance to compare with helicopters, and can’t carry helicopter-grade optical turrets or searchlights.

Flowcopter  cost a tenth of a helicopter to own and operate, but offer superior range and endurance, even when carrying a helicopter-grade optical turret and searchlight.


Precision agriculture promises higher yields while reducing chemical consumption and costs. Electric drones have limited flight times, so require frequent battery changes, and struggle with the tough environment.

Flowcopter carries much more payload than electric drones, and flies for much longer. Based on rugged off-road vehicle technology without high voltages, it can be easily and safely maintained without specialist facilities.