innovating drone technology

unmanned aerial
heavylift capability

Our customers seek solutions for long endurance, repeated and heavy payload logistics. We are an application rich, disruptive technology. You will find us reducing costs per km and increasing the health and safety environment as we replace aircraft, helicopters, crane, rail and road movements, in multiple sectors. 

lightweight & robust

We bring our proven Digital Displacement® transmission technology and offer a lighter, more robust and lower cost solution than an equivalent electric transmission.

We combine this with a light aircraft, type-certified engine, enabling long endurance flight for a multitude of applications.

Our hybrid platform is substantially more capable than any large drone on the market today, or in the near future.

A lightweight robust heavylift drone.

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Heavy Industrial


Armed Forces

Precision agriculture delivers higher yields, reducing chemical consumption and costs.

Over 6 hours, up to 900km and after a few minutes refuelling, it’s ready to go again. Marinised drone born to function in tough conditions, mobilises in weather windows where helicopters are static.

Replaces costly establised methods of moving heavy individual components. Suitable for high mass high volume repeated use movements of heavy payloads in sectors including Oil & Gas, Petro-Chem, Mining, Onshore Renewables.   

Support companion for offshore lifeboats, “medevac” solution in disaster zones, medication & food delivery to remote crisis areas.


Quick to mobilise, safer with essential and repeating last mile support trips “TRUAS”, provides support when helicopters are grounded.  

find out what our drone can do for you

Our drone is engineered and designed to meticulous standards. Our components are subject to rigorous testing to enable us to deliver optimal performance and reliability. We have highlighted applications, but we understand you may have other applications that you would like to discuss with us. We are seeing increased adoption of our drone amongst the logistics majors serving all sectors.

Our drone is accelerating the adoption of the unmanned aerial movement “UAM” and in other applications across multiple sectors replacing the indigenous norms of over the road, ship or crane logistics.

Proven technology, a light & robust heavylift drone, to increase available hours in your logistics schedules, remove cost, boost last mile deliveries or remote supply needs.

we are growing

We have a great team and state of the art working environment. 

We are committed to development our team and to scaling our production facility in Scotland.

Whether you are a sales executive, engineer, project manager or finance manage, or want to be one, please reach out to us here.