Weight and robustness is everything when it comes to flight.

We take the proven benefits a Digital Displacement® transmission offers; significantly lighter, more robust and lower cost than an equvalent pure electric transmission.

We combine this with a light aircraft type certified engine.

Our solution is a platform that offers significantly more capability than any large drone on the market Today, or in the near future.

Fly for hours, not minutes.

Why are we better?

Digital Displacement® Pump

A new type of hydraulic pump.

Extremely efficient.

Features high bandwidth control of 4 independent motors for attitude control.

Robust – Designed for harsh environments.

Better power to weight ratio of equivalent ‘best in class’ PM electric motor.


Proven Aircraft type certified engine for reliability.

The best power to weight ratio in its class.

Service ceiling >7000m.

TBO 1,200 hours.

Liquid fuel X 20 energy to weight ratio of the best battery technology Today. Fly for hours rather than minutes.

Liquid fuel 12,000 Wh/kg

LiPO batteries 265 Wh/kg

Bent Axis Hydraulic Motors

96kW continuous shaft power, weight 5.5kg, cost < 1k USD, no controller required. Nothing electric comes even close.

Designed for the toughest of environments and applications.

Typical applications for such motors is indicative of their robustness.

2019 Full scale demonstration lifting 85kg at the propeller using a bent axis hydraulic motor and a DDP®.

Bent Axis Motor combined with a Digital Displacement® Pump provides an ultra light transmission with the control bandwidth capable of attitude controling a multicopter.

2018 Small scale proof of control bandwidth.

An initial small scale test to determine the feasibility of using a Digital Displacement® based transmission to control such a system.

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