Making heavy lift drones a reality for any industry

Fly for hours, not minutes. Refuel in seconds.

Replacing helicopters at 1/10 the capital cost and 1/10 the running cost.

Due to Covid-19 we have successfully transitioned most of our activities to home working.

As this crisis has underlined the global need for urgent medical deliveries and aerial monitoring for public protection, we are working harder than ever to develop our platform for these applications from our home offices and workshops.

                                                   Concepts designed by Imaginactive – Charles Bombardier and D.I. Martín Rico


Flowcopter is developing its technology to make a difference in mainstream applications such as Emergency Medical Supplies, Aerial Monitoring, Logistics, Search and Rescue, Inspection, Surveying, Crop Spraying, and Firefighting.

The founders of Flowcopter support the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, and the constitution of the company specifically prohibits military applications which include offensive, defensive, or covert surveillance capabilities.


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