Including 2015 winners of the MacRobert Award the UKs most prestigious prize for engineering innovation “For the Innovation of Digital Displacement® Hydraulic Transmission”.

Peter McCurry

Managing Director

Peter started his career in embedded software and electronics, then moved into developing applications and test rigs. After a diversion where he spent time developing pumps for Americas Cup Foiling Cats. he got banned for providing too much of a technical advantage. Here he realised the incredible versatility of Digital Displacement® technology and decided to help make it fly.

Peter is known for his fearless determination, relentless energy and bias for action.

Dr Uwe Stein

Technical Director

Uwe graduated with an engineering diploma in Germany and holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He was instrumental in the growth of Flowcopter’s predecessor, Artemis Intelligent Power, its sale to MHI in 2009 and further growth over the next 10 years.

Alongside his work at Artemis Uwe started Knocktop Ltd in 2011 and has since grown this company to be a recognised manufacturer of high-end home barista products. Uwe is now utilising his extensive entrepreneurial experience in Flowcopter to make the platform ready for commercial production.

Marek Szupryczynski

Head of Engineering Operations

Marek Szupryczynski Co-Founder and Engineering manager. Over 15 years of experience in designing, building and servicing electromechanical test rigs, ranging from a few kilowatts to megawatts capacity.

His hands-on history goes as far as the age of four when he started collecting car indicators. Passionate inventor with a love for power electronics, mechatronics, audio systems and arc welding, Marek has sometimes been referred to as a weapon of mass creation for his ability to build nearly anything in a fraction of the expected time.

Dr Niall Caldwell

Inventor of Concept

Niall is a pioneer of the emerging technology of digital hydraulics, an inventor of over 60 patent families with applications to low-carbon vehicles and renewable energy. He has a passion for simulation and control of complex systems combining software, electronics, mechatronics and fluid mechanics. Niall invented the Flowcopter concept after experiencing the shortcomings of an electric drone he built in his home workshop.

Having led negotiations on Legal and IP matters during the acquisition of Artemis by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), he was appointed Managing Director in 2013, growing the business to 85 people and a £4m turnover. As a business leader Niall combines strategic vision and analysis, with hands-on detail and practicality, humour and engaging communication.